Online research community

1diaocha Online Research Community is an online interactive community for market research service.


Privacy: Independent social website
Variety: Multiple interactive patterns
Professional: Applies in special field of market research

Panel recruitment:

A community of users are directinal recruited, invited to specific project, and are allocated with login account and password.
The three plates provides you a simple way to keep in touch with consumers closely

Data Collection:QQSURVEY-Builder can support complicated logical questions. It is your best partner researching online.
Data Output:KuRunData provide you a stable and effective professional analysis tool for report, Raw data will be output into the format as EXCEL, TXT, SPSS.ASCII. We also provide a variety of statistical reports.

User dairy:

The project has a unit of account, to recruit specific user and allocate account
Users who have received invites need to login website to fill in the dairy and complete the data reclaim for a period of time.
Features: Writing dairy through the network, which makes data reclaim processing simple and quick.

BBS forum:

Topics are launch by promoters ,only panels who meet with the requirement could see the related topic and participate in the discussion.
Feature 1:Make full use of fragmented time, the contents of the research can be carried out for a long time.
Feature 2: Open discussion topics will lead to topic in different directions and can be guided by the sponsor, stepwise refinement discussions.

Online discussions:

Features: Online discussions are not subject to geographical restrictions, only network is needed.

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